Monday, February 18, 2013

Sharing my journey

India - A developing nation
Animation - An ever-developing field

When an ever-developing field combines and evolves into a developing nation, it is bound to face lots of queries, doubts and room for improvement. I had this exciting and honorable experience in India this time I went there. Being requested to give a special talk to a group of visual communication students was an interesting challenge for me. I was indeed so exciting to hear that in India, within a rural area, JJ college holds a group of 30 to 40 visual communications students and want to inform them of how media especially animation is growing in the outer world. Also, I shared on how to make an animation short film and its pipeline that needs to be adhered too. Furthermore, to give them a more personal touch, I also discussed about the making of my short film, THE HUNT. After, a simple yet deep talk that explains animation field in depth, I realized they have so many  interested students who do not have proper guidance to who they can go about fulfilling their dreams. After the  talk, I was honored by the school and its officials. The best part was when two students came up to me and requested me to guide them through their passion and future. Till today, they had taken the initiatives and my advice and are working towards fulfilling their passion. I am looking forward to doing some great projects with these students.I thank the college for giving me such an opportunity and at the same time giving me a platform to enlighten approximately 40 students. I feel that this is the beginning and there is more to come.