Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lamp painting

Deepavali professors Networking Session - 09th NOVEMBER 2012

Deepavali is known as the festival of lights and indeed it is never completed without three important things. Lamps, Food and Fire Crackers.

This year pre-deepavali itself became an awesome moment for me to cherish. I had the opportunity to guide and help kids and even adults of various age groups, beginning from the age of 6. A very unique experience as I had never faced a lamp painting experience before. Lamp Painting is not just about the art but also about tradition that is inter-twinned with it. As each kid came to paint fresh new lamps, I was very interested to see the rich colours, exciting designs that each person had to portray. I always believe that each person is an artist on his own and yes, they did prove. Some were really extraordinary. At the same time, I wouldn't have enjoyed as much if the participants weren't that excited. Thus, I am looking forward to more and more such experience where I also get to teach and guide more people not just with tradition but with the touch of art in it! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ART Class 2012 @ SINDA

 Teaching is god's gift. And I feel honoured to have the gift third year in a row. This ARTS WORKSHOP held at SINDA, on 8th September 2012, marks the third year of my teaching experience. It was an enriching and exhilarating day for me as an unexpected amount of around 35 kids arrived to attend the workshop. I followed an agenda that I had created earlier. The motive of the workshop was to teach the kids the proper way of sketching and coloring using basic shapes.

Creating characters using basic Shapes.

 Indeed, the response from the participants were huge and they all enjoyed the workshop. Many even personally came up to me to thank for the informative session. In order to make full use of the 3 hours provided to me, I had to prepare a step-by-step agenda and come up with a flow for the workshop. Thus, I began with an introduction of myself and informed the kids of what animation is and that the basic to animation is drawing. Next, I had started the session with a short flash clip that encompasses of basic shapes that can be arranged to become as a fish and finally with colour. This was the sneak preview of the whole session. Each student were attentive and active during the workshop as they came up with excellent pieces of art pieces as seen from the photos. Before ending the session, the students were put through a drama competition that allowed many to display their talents. Ultimately, at the end of the arts workshop, prizes were presented to the top 3 growing artists and one kindergarten student for her excellent talent. At the end of the day, I had an enriching experience and I believe that this is not the end but the beginning of my teaching journey.

Indeed teh workshop was a huge success and received positive response from the kids. However, all this would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Alumni Association and NTU TLS members.

Photo Credits Arun Ramanathan

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Children's Arts and Drama Workshop

Dear Friends !! Those who have kids...who love kids...who know of kids aged between 3 to 13!!! pls refer them to join this workshop!!! im conducting the drawing workshop!! :D And its free of charge!!!

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. come down and learn as much as you can :)

here is the link

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Steady hands...crazy days

Hey here it is again...these art works...are all my pioneer drawings....those that have brought me thus far and some of those that got me a place in university.

Coming from my hometown that isn't technologically itself was considered a fantasy.
And much of them there did not know anything to do with art on the technological side...That is when i discovered MS Paint.. which was may sound really weird or even comical...but yes I started my art journey through this application. Each drawing that i drew was through MS Paint using just the mouse alone. Although it was tough, the passion and excitement that I had made me do it...Here are some pieces that was drawn in the initial stages. These were aalso the pieces that got me a place in ADM, NTU too :) 

Creations over the years

Hai guys...
Its been quite some time...just got over with my academical year in NTU...4 years have indeed flown off fast...
well i was looking through my past works and would like to share some of my pioneer productions ,projects, short films over the years...
Hope you guys enjoy them and do drop ur comments :)
stay tune ....

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Art in other forms

I have always been curious to fit in my passion for art into any medium, regardless of its scale. Be it from small scale to a large one.

Back there in India I remember I used to draw on egg shells, (but now those eggs have disappeared!!). Once I came back to Singapore, the gap increased as I couldn’t find time to experiment in various mediums other than paper.

Then once again when I was in Year 1, I started doing those egg shell drawings again. Although it was a few, it definitely was a good kick-start.

Rice Drawing – an intricate and tedious form of art, yet an addiction once learnt. This is what rice drawing is according to me. Although I have known about how rice drawing was done and its difficulties… I had never thought I would have an opportunity to do it. Well it did happen and I happened to sell so many of it too! It was during the NTU Tamil Literary Society’s Deepavali Event that I had an exclusive chance to learn and at the same time
sell the rice drawings I had made. It was indeed one of the biggest days in my life.

But to start off with, I practiced by writing in names on the rice seeds….It was such an interesting experience and every time I finished each drawing I had a self-satisfaction that is really difficult to express through words. On top of it, when customers bought and told me how amazing it is, that was indeed a wonderful boost… I seriously did not expect much of a crowd, but due to its

uniqueness, at the end of the two days, it was the other way round! There was a huge demand for rice drawing in NTU and I ended up facing a busy day J

Being a person who loves various forms of art and its intricacies…rice drawing was one that allowed me to practice patience, steadiness and in a way to be focused too. And one important lesson is no matter how big or small art depiction can be…the lesson learnt is one that will follow through your lifetime…just like it did in mine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Teaching is a lifelong experience. And to me not only professionals or degree holders can teach...anyone with the passion...anyone with the drive can be teachers....and most importantly anyone who can teach with dedication and interest are the best. Being an animator...I have always been happy that I had chosen a career that I wanted. And each time I draw or animate, many come by to appreciate and 'wow' at it...And that is when I is amazing to be complimented by the people around you. But my thoughts did not stop there...From young I have been having the interest in teaching. My ambition is to set a ART school based in India and teach those kids who have a divine passion in the art sector and to make them someone renown one day. Thus to begin in a small scale, I had an excellent opportunity during my India visit last year.

'Nanba Arakkattalai. This means "FRIENDS'' board of trust. An individual trust that has set up various facilities for students studying in Puthukottai, Tamil Nadu. One of it is a library built for the students' to access. Since I have been liaising with them for a period of time, they requested me to teach students Art classes during my short visit to India. And indeed without much delay I had agreed to it. This is whatwhat I had been awaiting and it is my best time to teach those kids the skills that I have learnt and to see them draw with so much of interest and passion.

The teaching started with various groups of student, each group having atleast 50 students. Although facility was little and space was a constraint, it did not stop me from teaching and them from learning. Each day I taught them basics of art and learning the beginners' drawings such as fish, mickey mouse etc. This continued with a few sessions where I travelled from Karaikudi (my hometown) to Puthukottai, which is approximately an hour long journey.
At the end of the 3 days of sessions, we also held a Drawing competition for the students. This further motivated them and many of them eagerly gathered to portray their drawing skills. Prizes were given out to outstanding art pieces too.
In my opinion, those kids were held exemplary talent, some were just extraordinary for their age too. They were impressed by my drawings and I was impressed by theirs too. This teaching experience although a short one, gave me so much of satisfaction and a sense of achievement. To teach is something I am waiting for. And indeed this ambition of mine will come to live soon. Very soon.

More to come ....