Monday, November 21, 2011

My Journey

Coming from a small town, with no internet facility or any art education to inspire me, cartoon network was the only way to connect to the world of animation. I started my art journey by imitating and copying drawings from comic books, cartoon network or any other sources. By god’s grace, I had this golden opportunity to portray my talents in this state level competition within Tamil Nadu. It was only after winning that competition did my life change…for good

My internship experience at LUCAS Arts Singapore. Although a short 3 months internship, I had a great working experience and an awesome opportunity to work directly on the actual productions. Through this internship, it is undeniable that I have learnt much more than what I expected and was also able to prove my talents and skills too. Currently, I am an Art director for the NTU’s Tamil Literary Society. It is a good platform where I put all my skills into actions too. In addition, I am also under the work-study scheme that allows me to help students with the Animate Pro Toon Boom software.

My long term goal, well not really long term, but my ever intended goal and aspiration is to teach Animation to students. Yes, an animation teacher. The reason behind this being that I want to be an inspiration to students. Also, I attain a great sense of satisfaction when passing my knowledge to the younger, upcoming generation.


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