Friday, February 3, 2012

My Art in other forms

I have always been curious to fit in my passion for art into any medium, regardless of its scale. Be it from small scale to a large one.

Back there in India I remember I used to draw on egg shells, (but now those eggs have disappeared!!). Once I came back to Singapore, the gap increased as I couldn’t find time to experiment in various mediums other than paper.

Then once again when I was in Year 1, I started doing those egg shell drawings again. Although it was a few, it definitely was a good kick-start.

Rice Drawing – an intricate and tedious form of art, yet an addiction once learnt. This is what rice drawing is according to me. Although I have known about how rice drawing was done and its difficulties… I had never thought I would have an opportunity to do it. Well it did happen and I happened to sell so many of it too! It was during the NTU Tamil Literary Society’s Deepavali Event that I had an exclusive chance to learn and at the same time
sell the rice drawings I had made. It was indeed one of the biggest days in my life.

But to start off with, I practiced by writing in names on the rice seeds….It was such an interesting experience and every time I finished each drawing I had a self-satisfaction that is really difficult to express through words. On top of it, when customers bought and told me how amazing it is, that was indeed a wonderful boost… I seriously did not expect much of a crowd, but due to its

uniqueness, at the end of the two days, it was the other way round! There was a huge demand for rice drawing in NTU and I ended up facing a busy day J

Being a person who loves various forms of art and its intricacies…rice drawing was one that allowed me to practice patience, steadiness and in a way to be focused too. And one important lesson is no matter how big or small art depiction can be…the lesson learnt is one that will follow through your lifetime…just like it did in mine.


KaYa said...

Awesome stuff!! :) keep working towards your dream..your future is really bright! :)

கிரசண்ட் ICS said...

It is really amazing to see your passion for art. It is salient that innovation is an intrinsic tool that you give great importance to. Interesting work, expecting to see more of such innovations :)

Jegan said...

Thanks for comments guys,sure I will update you guys with more works.