Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Teaching is a lifelong experience. And to me not only professionals or degree holders can teach...anyone with the passion...anyone with the drive can be teachers....and most importantly anyone who can teach with dedication and interest are the best. Being an artist...an animator...I have always been happy that I had chosen a career that I wanted. And each time I draw or animate, many come by to appreciate and 'wow' at it...And that is when I realized...it is amazing to be complimented by the people around you. But my thoughts did not stop there...From young I have been having the interest in teaching. My ambition is to set a ART school based in India and teach those kids who have a divine passion in the art sector and to make them someone renown one day. Thus to begin in a small scale, I had an excellent opportunity during my India visit last year.

'Nanba Arakkattalai. This means "FRIENDS'' board of trust. An individual trust that has set up various facilities for students studying in Puthukottai, Tamil Nadu. One of it is a library built for the students' to access. Since I have been liaising with them for a period of time, they requested me to teach students Art classes during my short visit to India. And indeed without much delay I had agreed to it. This is whatwhat I had been awaiting and it is my best time to teach those kids the skills that I have learnt and to see them draw with so much of interest and passion.

The teaching started with various groups of student, each group having atleast 50 students. Although facility was little and space was a constraint, it did not stop me from teaching and them from learning. Each day I taught them basics of art and learning the beginners' drawings such as fish, mickey mouse etc. This continued with a few sessions where I travelled from Karaikudi (my hometown) to Puthukottai, which is approximately an hour long journey.
At the end of the 3 days of sessions, we also held a Drawing competition for the students. This further motivated them and many of them eagerly gathered to portray their drawing skills. Prizes were given out to outstanding art pieces too.
In my opinion, those kids were held exemplary talent, some were just extraordinary for their age too. They were impressed by my drawings and I was impressed by theirs too. This teaching experience although a short one, gave me so much of satisfaction and a sense of achievement. To teach is something I am waiting for. And indeed this ambition of mine will come to live soon. Very soon.

More to come ....

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